Behind the scenes at West Side Story, the hair & makeup crew styles hair that isn’t covered by a cap, and applies makeup and temporary tattoos to performers. The temporary tattoos lend modern authenticity to the Sharks and the Jets—and they’re surprisingly durable, as the performers dance under hot stage lights. Below, Taylor Simmons (“Gee-Tar,” a member of the Jets) sports an impressive upper arm tattoo and some neck script that stays crisp even after two demanding dance numbers.

In the next two photos, we get a glimpse backstage before the show, where hair & makeup artist Cassie Williams applies and then reveals a temporary tattoo on Brian Vu (“Riff,” a member of the Jets) while he chats with DJ Petrosino (“Bernardo,” a member of the Sharks, seen in the reflection), who’s receiving tattoos from hair & makeup artist Katie Wasicko.

Below, Christopher Tipps (“Baby John,” a member of the Jets) and hair & makeup artist Cassie Williams share a joke as his neck tattoo is applied; and hair & makeup artist Katie Wasicko reveals a tattoo on Andrew Bidlack (“Tony”).