West Side Story

Photo by Lynn Lane for Houston Grand Opera

A Dream of a Better World: Jamie Bernstein describes growing up alongside West Side Story

By Jamie Bernstein, (c) 2018, all rights reserved.
7-minute read

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Are those tattoos real?

A look at some of the tattoo art in West Side Story. Photos by Don Ipock.

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Fan Fiction Contest Winning Entry: A New Way of Living

Lyric Opera West Side Story Fan Fiction contest winner Teresa Wickersham developed a backstory for the Jets tomboy “Anybodys” and envisioned a new ending for the tragic story.
by Teresa Wickersham
5-minute read

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The Great Puerto Rican Migration—and West Side Story

Economic dependency, political ambiguity, and social uncertainty made their way into the lyrics to “America” from West Side Story
by Dr. Teresa Delgado, (c) 2018, all rights reserved
6-minute read

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