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Love Is On Its Last Breath.

Violetta is a far-famed courtesan whose skills in seduction and savoir-faire attract admirers from the cream of the aristocratic crop. From this host of hedonistic heathenry emerges a youthful hopeless romantic, Alfredo. Soon swayed by his professions of love, Violetta forsakes her Parisian life of luxury and settles countryside with the love of her life. But Alfredo’s father, filled with preconceived notions about her scandalous past, pressures Violetta into leaving her one true love. With Verdi’s goosebump-inducing melodies serenading the star-crossed couple, a betrayed and broken-hearted Alfredo learns that Violetta has become bedridden with tuberculosis. He goes to her, and once in each other’s arms, love is rekindled, and redemption is swift. But is this happy reunion the first step toward a second chance or their last chance to say goodbye?  Learn More


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