If you saw our recent production of La bohème, you probably haven’t forgotten the magic that our little bohemian children’s chorus brought to the stage in Act II. It was Christmas Eve in Paris and the scene was bustling with holiday shoppers when the toy vendor Parpignol appears and the children burst into boisterous joy.

These 16 little bohemians were selected from children across Kansas City who auditioned for the chorus. Some were “Lyric veterans,” having performed in either Carmen, Hansel and Gretel or Dead Man Walking. All of them had to be exceptional, because they had just four rehearsals to learn their parts (in Italian, no less!).

We interviewed some of them at the first rehearsal, and they made a few things clear: they loved to sing, they barely knew the story line, and they were so excited to be part of this beautiful production.

Anna, age 10, described the plot as: “There’s these three guys, and this woman comes and she drops her keys, and then this one guy falls in love with her, and then she gets sick, and then they, like, use all their money to make her better.” When told that Mimì actually dies, she responded, “She does?!” It took a minute for the shock to wear off.


Paige, age 11, prepares herself to go on stage with a motivational speech: “You worked really hard for this…just don’t pay any attention to the audience! You’ll be fine!”



Cord, age 14, is already a confirmed opera lover. She likes almost everything about it, including the characters, “the overdramatics, and the singing – it’s always amazing. I use Queen of the Night’s Aria for a warm-up!” (Cord also noted with some satisfaction that her dad “can’t carry a tune in a bucket.”)


Do you remember falling in love with opera? These kids have already felt opera’s power, and because of their experience as little bohemians, they will become lifelong lovers and champions of the theater.

Lyric Opera of Kansas City is dedicated to creating memorable moments like these through exceptional performances for adults and children alike. By donating to the Lyric Opera, you are affording more individuals, families, and little bohemians the opportunity to experience this magnificent art form.

CLICK HERE to take a look at this adorable video of one of our little bohemians, Leo H., backstage before dress rehearsal!

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Above: photo from our 2019 production of La bohème by Karli Cadel.