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At Ease With Opera

The Kansas City Lyric Opera Guild is proud to present the award-winning At Ease With Opera lecture series. All programs are FREE to attend. Feel free to dress casually and please arrive early to guarantee a seat.  Programs are held at the Kauffman Foundation at 4801 Rockhill Road, Kansas City, MO 64110 unless otherwise noted.

The 2018 – 2019 AT EASE programs

Featuring Madama Butterfly and LOKC’s 60th Anniversary

October 15, 2018 ꟾ 7:00 PM ꟾ MRI Global Auditorium ꟾ Sixty Years of Lyric Opera
September 29, 1958 marked the first opera performance of the company then known as the Lyric Theatre of Kansas City. Don Dagenais and longtime Lyric Opera baritone Brian Steele discuss  the first six decades of the Lyric Opera company, including its formation, its venues, singers, and performances.  The presentation will also include historic photographs and recordings taken from some of the early performances.
Please note the special location. RSVP to Linda Ade Brand, Director of Education.

October 22, 2018 ꟾ 7:00 PM ꟾ Kauffman Foundation ꟾ Loving Butterfly: It’s Complicated . . .
When American gunboats entered Nagasaki in 1853 demanding that Japan drop its 220-year policy of isolation, both countries were changed. Japanese culture and art exploded in popularity. Exhibitions in the Victorian era helped inspire “Japonism,” informing fashion, design and theatre such as The Mikado and Madama Butterfly. But how much did the West really understand Japan and “The Orient” – and what do we need to keep in mind as our views on this piece evolve? Linda Ade Brand, Director of Education, leads a panel including LOKC Artistic Administrator Brad Trexell, and guests from The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art: Cat Mueller, Educator, Adult Programs, and Yayoi Shinodo, Curatorial Assistant, East Asian Galleries. RSVP to Linda Ade Brand, Director of Education.

October 29, 2018 ꟾ 7:00 PM ꟾ Kauffman Foundation ꟾ Madama Butterfly – A Most Beautiful Tragedy
A tale of two cultures, Madama Butterfly tells the heartbreaking story of a young geisha’s love for an American Naval officer. Though you may weep in the end, Puccini’s exquisite score will captivate you through this journey of innocence, betrayal, honor, and sacrifice. Rebecca Johnson will provide a detailed overview of this beloved masterpiece, including plot, music, and history, with audio and video excerpts. RSVP to Linda Ade Brand, Director of Education.



February 25, 2019 ꟾ 7:00 PM ꟾ Kauffman Foundation ꟾ Information coming soon

March 4, 2019 ꟾ 7:00 PM ꟾ Kauffman Foundation ꟾ Information coming soon

March 11, 2019 ꟾ 7:00 PM ꟾ Kauffman Foundation ꟾ Information coming soon



April 15, 2019 ꟾ 7:00 PM ꟾ Kauffman Foundation ꟾ Information coming soon

April 22, 2019 ꟾ 7:00 PM ꟾ Kauffman Foundation ꟾ Information coming soon

April 29, 2019 ꟾ 7:00 PM ꟾ Kauffman Foundation ꟾ Information coming soon


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