Lyric Opera of Kansas City brings the best the opera world has to offer to Kansas City.

Board of Trustees


  • Kenneth V. Hager, President
  • Thomas W. Butch, Vice President
  • Craig L. Evans, Secretary
  • Michael Viazzoli, Treasurer

Board of Trustees

  • Scott Blakesley
  • Richard P. Bruening
  • Dr. Rita M. Burnett-Ferguson
  • Joanne Burns
  • Una Creditor
  • Ann King Dickinson
  • Anne W. Elsberry
  • Melinda L. Estes M.D.
  • Michael D. Fields
  • Lafayette J. Ford, III
  • Michael D. Frost, Ph. D.
  • Jack Gabriel
  • Jane Loftus Gard
  • Richard Hu
  • Beth Ingram
  • Phyllis G. Leach
  • Edward P. Milbank
  • Dr. Ernest Neighbor
  • Margaret Nickell
  • J. Michael Sigler
  • Kevin R. Sweeney
  • Steve Taylor
  • Tom Wittaker

Ex-Officio Members

  • Kimberlee Ried, President, Lyric Opera Circle
  • Mary Leonida, President, Lyric Opera Guild
  • Monica Mitchell-Werp, Ball Chair, Lyric Opera Circle

Be a Part of Lyric

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