Mobile Tickets

How to access your Mobile Wallet

  1. Log into with the same username/email and password you use to purchase tickets from Lyric Opera of Kansas City. A link to your wallet can also be found in your order confirmation and show reminder emails.
  2. After logging in on your mobile device, your tickets and ticket add-ons for all upcoming performances will be displayed in “My Events.”
  3. Tap on a performance to see your mobile tickets. Your mobile wallet will automatically update with a QR code the day of your event.

Quick Tips

  • Do not screenshot, print, or share your QR code. QR codes refresh every 60 seconds. Screenshots or printouts of the mobile ticket QR code will not be valid for entry.
  • Do create a shortcut to your mobile wallet on your smartphone’s home screen for quick access on the day of show!
  • Do make sure your phone’s browser is using light mode.

General FAQ

Mobile tickets are secure, paperless tickets accessible on your smartphone. Rotating QR codes ensure valid tickets and reduce counterfeit or resold tickets. Mobile tickets can also be easily shared with other members of your party.

Mobile tickets require you to have a smartphone at the venue in order to access your ticket wallet. If you do not have a smartphone, please call Ticketing and Patron Services at (816) 471-7344 and we will gladly help you arrange to pick up your tickets at will call.

No, mobile ticket delivery does not require you to download an app. Your tickets are available in your ticket wallet (, which is accessible on any web browser connected to the internet.

Rotating QR Codes are delivered the day of your performance as a deterrent to those who may attempt to resell or counterfeit our tickets.

No, do not print your mobile tickets. Your QR code includes technology that requires it to be scanned live on a screen; screenshots or printouts will not be accepted at entry.

Visit the box office when you arrive at your performance. We are happy to print tickets for the ticket owner with a valid ID matching the name on the ticketing account.

Unfortunately, no. Currently, Android Wallet does not support rotating or dynamic QR codes.

Yes. To save your mobile ticket into your Apple Wallet, click the Add to Apple Wallet button at the bottom of the mobile ticket screen. Google Chrome or Safari must be used in order to save to your Apple Wallet.

Ticket Sharing FAQ

Yes, mobile tickets make it easy to share tickets with your party!

  1. Log into your mobile ticket wallet at on your smart device and tap the event.
  2. Click the Share Tickets button.
  3. Let us know who is coming with you by entering their full name, email address, and phone number.
  4. Send the mobile tickets to your guests.
  5. Once your guests claim their tickets, we will deliver the rotating QR code to their mobile wallet just before the performance.

When you share a mobile ticket, the person you send the tickets to will accept the mobile tickets within our secure system. Once the mobile ticket is accepted, we deliver the ticket immediately, then the secure rotating QR code will populate at a designated time and date for use at the venue. 

Sharing a mobile ticket allows you to send tickets to other people securely. You can choose to send some or all of your mobile tickets. Sharing your mobile tickets allows everyone attending the event to have their ticket! It's convenient, safe, and completely free.

No, you can share all or some of your mobile tickets with your guests. 

Yes, and it takes just a few seconds to create one. If they already have a Lyric Opera account, be sure your guest uses that username/email address and password to log into the mobile ticket wallet and accept the shared tickets from you. 

If they do not have a Lyric Opera account, they should click on the Register button after following the link you shared to create an account and then accept the shared mobile tickets. 

Mobile tickets are delivered through a secure website that links your Lyric Opera account directly. Shared mobile tickets are not valid until the recipient claims them, then they are moved to your secure mobile wallet at

Once you share a mobile ticket, you will see one of two statuses:

Ticket Shared with (Your Guest’s Name) Pending

  • Your guest has not accepted the mobile tickets yet.
  • You may want to remind them to check their email or text messages for the ticket invite link you sent them.
  • You can also select Share the invite again or Get this ticket back in your wallet. 

Ticket Accepted by (Your Guest’s Name)

  • Your guest has claimed your tickets.
  • As the owner of the tickets, you can also select Get this ticket back in your wallet. 

Yes, once you accept the tickets, you are now the ticket owner. If you can't use them, you can return them to the person who sent them or share them with anyone you want.

If you see the Share Tickets button on your tickets, you can share them, even if your secure QR code isn't live yet.

Yes, but we encourage you to use your smart device as the process was designed for mobile use. If you still prefer to use your desktop, please copy the share link into an email and send it to your guest. The link will not display the tickets, but will redirect your guest to a page on the mobile ticket wallet where they will claim the tickets.

Web browsers may offer sharing options similar to those on mobile devices. Still, we encourage you to copy the link supplied and email it from your preferred email address or use your mobile device for sharing.


Refresh the webpage and the dynamic QR code will display again. 

We ask for your first and last name, an email address, a password, and you must agree to our terms and conditions. We also ask for your phone number so we can contact you should an event be cancelled, and your postal code, but both are optional. 

Ask the sender to resend the invite by clicking the Share This Invite Again button which will generate a new link for you to claim the mobile tickets. If you still have trouble finding the link, ask the owner to send it to you in a different format, such as email, rather than a text message.

Make sure you don't have a different Lyric Opera of Kansas City ticketing account you might have used to accept the mobile tickets, and that you weren't using a device that was logged into another account.

If you have forgotten your password, use the Forgot Password? link below the Log In button.