M. Joseph Willette

M Joseph Willette (b. 1997) is a composer and educator currently residing in the bustling city of Lincoln, Nebraska. Often drawing inspiration from queer spaces and culture, Joey (they/them) uses delicate timbres, rich sonorities, and driving beats to capture the idyllic intimacies and onerous tribulations of the human experience. Joey’s music for solo instruments, chamber ensembles, wind band, choir, and film has been performed around the world. Recent projects include collaborations with Jeb Wallace, Ann Ellsworth, Alexander Shuhan on “Rites of Janus”, which premiered in 2023 at the iconic Knob Fest in Wichita, Kansas.

Joey is pursuing a Doctorate of Musical Arts in Composition at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, studying with Dr. Greg Simon. They hold a bachelor’s degree in music education from Troy University, and a master’s degree in music composition from Wichita State University, where they studied with Dr. Traci Mendel and Dr. David MacDonald, respectively.