Forging Friendship: What The Haberdasher Prince Teaches Us About Human Connection

By: Lyric Opera Staff

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ATTENTION: This post contains minor spoilers.

In the enchanting tale of The Haberdasher Prince, friendship emerges as a guiding force, leading our principal characters–the Village Girl, King Hamluk, the Queen, and Prince Panderbash–on a journey to connection and companionship. Here is what The Haberdasher Prince can teach us about being a true friend.


Surrounded by staff and royal subjects who are eager to tell Panderbash what they believe he wants to hear; the Prince finds comfort in the honesty of the Village Girl. The Village Girl fearlessly speaks her mind rather than defaulting to flattery—a unique display of sincerity that earns Prince Panderbash’s trust. While the Prince is accustomed to relationships forged in fear, his friendship with the Village Girl is cemented in this foundation of mutual honesty and accountability.


The Village Girl wants nothing more than to play the gilrabi to her heart's content, but must spend her days helping her mother mend clothes and clean the house of her mistress. The mistress understands too well the yearning for something that may never come to be and encourages her musical journey. Through this shared understanding, empathy bridges the chasm between classes, forging a bond of compassion and mentorship.


The Queen and Prince Panderbash willingly confront a past full of hurt and betrayal and embrace King Hamluk’s apology. Together, they unbury the core of love previously hidden by years of fear, familial expectations, and misplaced affection. Forgiveness becomes the cornerstone of reconciliation and propels the family toward a future of harmonious healing.


Unveiling their innermost desires and vulnerabilities forges a bond between the Village Girl and Prince Panderbash. As the two begin to accept themselves and each other, they cultivate a friendship that transcends societal expectations and allows each of them to offer the other unwavering support and understanding.

Whether you catch the world premiere of this new family opera, or attend one of the subsequent touring performances, The Haberdasher Prince’s message of human connection will stay with you, carrying with it timeless lessons in trust, empathy, forgiveness, and staying true to oneself.

The Haberdasher Prince is a brand-new family opera commissioned by Lyric Opera of Kansas City and written by composer Rosabella Gregory and librettist Dina Gregory. The production will appear in twelve performances throughout the Kansas City metro area April 6–23, 2024.