Point of View: La boheme

By: Lyric Opera Staff

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Photographer Don Ipock captures La bohème from the wings.
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Puccini’s La bohème  continues to stand the test of time. View stage director Kathleen Smith Belcher’s energetic and romantic production from a different viewpoint: Don Ipock’s beautiful black-and-white images taken from the wings at the final dress rehearsal in the Kauffman Center.

Above, Schaunard (Hadleigh Adams, center left) tells his friends Colline (Christian Zaremba, left), Marcello (Timothy Renner, center right), and Rodolfo (Georgy Vasiliev, right), of how he came into money for food and drink on Christmas Eve.

Rodolfo (Georgy Vasiliev, right) is instantly smitten with Mimì (Raquel González, left) when they meet for the first time.

Above, In Act II, the bohemians venture out to Cafe Momus to celebrate the holidays and their new-found “fortune.”

Musetta (Sylvia D’Eramo) rejoices after winning Marcello back.

Above, Mimì (Raquel González) tells Rodolfo (Georgy Vasiliev) goodbye, after overhearing him tell Marcello that she is very sick, and he cannot afford to take care of her any more.

Rodolfo and Mimì (Georgy Vasiliev and Raquel González, center) share tender moments together, back in the very same place they met. This time, though, Mimì is near death. (The bohemians from left to right: Hadleigh Adams, Timothy Renner, Sylvia D’Eramo, Christian Zaremba)

Puccini’s La bohème is November 9, 13, 17 and 19 at the Kauffman Center. Tickets start at $29, available here