Point of View: Lucia

By: Lyric Opera Staff

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Photographer Don Ipock captures the mad scene from Lucia di Lammermoor from the wings. Look for BONUS shots exclusively on our Instagram feed: @kcopera

Lucia di Lammermoor is known for the showpiece aria “Il dolce suono,” popularly known as the “mad scene.” The entire opera builds up to this powerful scene in Act 3: Lucia falls for Edgardo and commits to him; her brother, priest and guard deceive her into believing Edgardo loves another; she is forced into an unwanted marriage; and finally, after Lucia reluctantly signs the marriage certificate, Edgardo storms into the wedding.

Kansas City photographer Don Ipock took these photographs from the wings, giving you a new perspective on a famous moment in opera.

*Spoiler alerts below*

Above, Lucia (Sarah Coburn) enters the reception hall, after everyone has been told that she just killed her husband, Arturo.

Lucia’s (Sarah Coburn) strength is finally broken, after she is betrayed by her brother and other men in her life.

Above, Lucia (Sarah Coburn) imagines her joyous wedding to Edgardo instead of Arturo, shocking her companion Alisa (Kelly Birch) and her priest Raimondo (Adam Lau).

Lucia (Sarah Coburn) marks the men that have betrayed her with Arturo’s blood, including Raimondo (Adam Lau), as her companion Alisa (Kelly Birch) watches.

Wedding guests (Lyric Opera Chorus and Supernumeraries) watch as Lucia (Sarah Coburn) continues to spiral downward, imagining the “heavenly harmony” and the “marriage hymn” for her and Edgardo. Her brother Enrico (Troy  Cook) is angry until he realizes her state of mind.

The mad scene concludes when Lucia dies, believing she is fully Edgardo’s wife. Her brother, Enrico (Troy Cook), companion Alisa (Kelly Birch), priest Raimondo (Adam Lau) and guard Normanno (Kevin Thomas Smith) are struck with grief.

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