Point of View: The Abduction from the Seraglio

By: Lyric Opera Staff

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Photographer Don Ipock captures The Abduction from the Seraglio from the wings.
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Mozart’s The Abduction from the Seraglio is “a captivating rom-com” and “a youthful, buoyant work with an ambitious, energetic viewpoint” (Libby Hanssen, KC Studio). Kelly Luck, writing for Broadway World, also commented, “We’re here for the music, and Mozart…delivers magnificently.” Paul Horsley of The Independent also praised the lead singers Ben Bliss and Kathryn Lewek (above), crediting Lewek with “a fierce display of vocal and emotional pyrotechnics” and says that Bliss “sings about as gracefully as any Mozart tenor working today.” You can read all the reviews on the Abduction main page.

Now we invite you to enjoy a different visual viewpoint: these gorgeous black-and-white images were taken from the wings at the final dress rehearsal of The Abduction from the Seraglio.

Above, Pedrillo (Joseph Leppek, center) and Belmonte (Ben Bliss, right) are reunited in the nightclub, the Seraglio, as Osmin (Matt Boehler, left) watches closely.

In her dressing room, Konstanze (Kathryn Lewek), mourns her life trapped in the Seraglio, longing for her love, Belmonte.

Blonde (Rachele Gilmore, right) and the women of the Seraglio (Lyric Opera chorus) school Osmin (Matt Boehler, left) on love.

Belmonte (Ben Bliss) sings of his love for Konstanze as he searches for her in the nightclub.

Above, Pedrillo (Joseph Leppek, front) and Belmonte (Ben Bliss), have reunited with their lovers Konstanze and Blonde (Kathryn Lewek and Rachele Gilmore), and plan an escape.

Pedrillo and Osmin reconcile, as Pasha Selim grants mercy and allows the four to leave the nightclub (left to right: Kathryn Lewek, Ben Bliss, Rachele Gilmore, Joseph Leppek, Matt Boehler, Matthew J. Williamson).