Photo by Lynn Lane for Houston Grand Opera

A Star is Born

Photo: Cory Weaver.

Lyric Opera Apprentice Artist Ruby Dibble has a story to make any Kansas Citian proud.
2-minute read

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From The Lone Ranger to The Jazzy Vegetarian

Has the Golden Age of Radio re-emerged as the Digital Age of the Podcast?
6-minute read

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Enter the Theater of the Mind

On the inspiration for our November 17 program High Fidelity Opera
by Edward Berkeley, Director
2-minute read

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Point of View: Madama Butterfly

A series of images taken from backstage at Madama Butterfly
Photos by Don Ipock

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Sneak Peek at Butterfly Rehearsal

Rehearsal photos by Julius Ahn, who portrays Goro in Madama Butterfly

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The Butterfly effect

The duality of a brutal story told with beautiful music
by Ryan McAdams, Conductor of Madama Butterfly
3-minute read

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Loving Butterfly: It’s Complicated

Butterfly shows Pinkerton her possessions

One of Puccini’s most sublime works, created during a wave of Orientalism.
Featured Article by Paul Thomason; 9-Minute Read
Preface to the linked article by Lyric Opera Staff

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There really was a Madame Butterfly

Sometimes, life really does imitate art.
5-minute read

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A Dream of a Better World: Jamie Bernstein describes growing up alongside West Side Story

Tony and Maria in West Side Story

By Jamie Bernstein, (c) 2018, all rights reserved.
7-minute read

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Are those tattoos real?

A look at some of the tattoo art in West Side Story. Photos by Don Ipock.

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