Community Conversation: Love and Division
Wednesday, February 21, 2024

This event has passed.

Join Lyric Opera of Kansas City and Greenwood Social Hall for an unforgettable evening in which we transcend time and space to explore the enduring mysteries of love and division. From ancient literature and civilizations to the star-crossed tale of Romeo and Juliet to artistry in Kansas City today, these themes persist and resonate deeply within us all. This free interactive evening will feature live music, wine, and the opportunity to contribute your written and expressive voice in a poetry workshop.


Calvin Arsenia


Cecilia Cozzi


Kelli Van Meter


7:00–7:15 pmGathering
7:15–7:20 pmIntroduction
7:20–8:10 pmProgram and Performances
8:10–8:15 pmBreak
8:15–8:55 pmPoetry Workshop and Discussion
8:55–9:00 pmConclusion